Fixed: How To Fix Rsync Error Code 3072.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    If you get rsync error code 3072 on your computer, this user guide may be able to help. Error starting rsync, remote rollback 3072 (12) ‘rsync’ command comes rc = 3072 Unable to switch to personal phonebook / data / Gback-artscene: no such file or “CHROOT JAIL” parameters after the server restricted the owner to its home catalog)

    I’m using the Nanoc static site generator, with rsync locally and on most servers (older Ubuntu), so I can deploy from the command line.

    It’s been a long time since I preferred rsync for this site, but I get:

    Nanoc :: Extra :: Piper :: Error: command ended with non-zero status code 3072 (command: rsync --community --links --perms --partial - -progress --recursive - - periods - verbose --compress --exclude = ". hg" --exclude = ". svn" --exclude = ". git" uname @ IP_ADDRESS: / home / path_to_remote_dir)

    Local problem. I ran rsync 2.6.9 (on error), so I changed rsync to 3.1.3_1 (OS X / Homebrew). The server is running rsync 3.0.3.

    Experts say rsync error code 3072? So awful, what does that mean?

    February 2020 Update

    After even more rsync issues while deploying the Nanoc site that I have moved to this area, the GIT above is for nanoc deploy :

    • Copy as ssh key from ssh-copy-id -i ~ / .ssh / of @ server user
    • create a clean c GIT repositoryserver (usually outside the site root)
    • configure deploy last “nanoc.yaml” (as shown below)
    • Exclude “output /” from portal Nanoc repository in local “.gitignore”
    • git init inside “output” and …
    • git set-url truncated Server ssh: // USER @ IP: PORT / PATH_TO_BARE_REPO.git
    • Create the “.git / hooks / post-receive” file directly in the clean repository (as shown below)
    • make idea executable with chmod + x post-receive


     :   Initially:   Type: git    Remote control: ssh: // USER @ IP: PORT / PATH_TO_BARE_REPO.git    Branch: Master    forced: true 

    (I could try without “applying” the files to just overwrite the moved files, but this is fast enough for a large online account)

      #! / bin / shgit --work-tree = / PATH_TO_SITE_ROOT --git-dir = PATH_TO_BARE_REPO.git checkout -f 

    rsync error code 3072

    And it works well. In this case, Think i GIT is the best alternative. I also created a git global pushall alias in my neighborhood system to send it to the web hosting server and live site using custom commands.

    Today I am atinstalled a new version of cwRsync on some Windows

    machines and only found one new problem that I didn’t mention just now

    Simple rsync client stopped while syncing with NT computer used for backup

    at the end of the current broadcast with the following standard error message:

    rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) in io.c (777)

    The server daemon will keep a log of future errors associated with a file with a good name

    2005/04/01 13:01:43 [365] (various other files are indeed saved, all with

    This long full naming error is not a general error

    What is the meaning of the word “rsync”?

    Rsync is a single command line tool that provides local and remote file transfers. This is mainly used for backups, computer data transfers, etc. But if the rsync machine is not installed / powered on along with the remote roaming servers, rsync operations will fail with excellent error code 10.

    or rsync buyer’s process standard. By the way, this is

    A bug I’ve seen in previous versions regarding rsync for a long time, but

    What happens if rsync fails during a run?

    If rsync fails on another run because the target has insufficient storage space, it generates (many) statements with the end: The device cannot have space left (28), but in this case rsync errors: write error input-output (code 11) c. Receiver.c (389) [Receiver = 3.1.0] appears and ends with computer output 11.

    This was still visible in the client standard error. Although

    it seems that the transmission is set (i.e. everything has timings starting with

    is usually (invoked via –stats). Also in the client

    actually ends with status code of all 3072, not 12 as shown with

    Standard message b error. A binary scanner can detect this

    Status I’m used to it. This has also been multiplied by 256 for all clients of the process

    The rsync exit code is 5888 instead of 23. I’m sure the exit

    The code anomaly is not always related to the multiplexing error I’m experiencing

    So far this observation has been done on my client with my client

    tested. I could repeat the mistake here several times

    What is rsync error code 11 and how to fix it?

    In short, rsync error code 88 usually indicates that the hard drive is full. Thus, rsync exits without inserting the entire file.Today we saw how our support specialists fixed this error and actively avoided it.

    Machine so far I’ve seen a message in your server log that reminds me

    time consuming file name problem. Follow the method to run a test from another client

    Duplicate this problem, but this concept won’t stop when it was least

    another half hour. I’ll get back to you when I know if something like this happens

    Otherwise, I’ve been a very satisfied rsync user for several decades. Thanks for

    Now I can confirm that my invoice always comes, although it often happens a long time ago

    Filename error. This appears to be the main cause of log channel corruption.

    B Lada Benjamin Watkins

    This previous observation was made on one of my new clients

    tested. I could repeat this mistake several times

    Computer before seeing the message about me in the server log

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • Problem with long list of files. I’m doing someone else’s test

    The client duplicates the problem with this method, but this operation does not complete anymore

    at least another 60 minutes. I will contact you if I know what it is

    This means the actual error message (1) is coming in, which is

    Length 296 but bytes, element too long for actual “string” buffer in

    readfd_unbuffered (). I changed this buffer to any length of 1024

    Bytes in MAXPATHLEN + 1 because it was the same for getting info / errors

    Messages for literally long filenames (since the normal system uses

    MAXPATHLEN (this is more than 4 kilobytes). (Hmm, always meant MAXPATHLEN

    In any case, a simple substitute for this is to simply increase the channel buffer size.

    This looks like an obstacle to your shell or Cygwin environments

    Benjamin Watkins’ contribution
    Benjamin Watkins’ contribution

    Also, with status code 3072, the client is actually making a profit, not

    rsync error code 3072

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