Troubleshooting Note Enable Iommu Option In BIOS Settings

Here are some simple methods that can help you solve the problem of enabling iommu option in BIOS settings.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    This special feature can be found in Asus UEFI BIOS under Advanced -> CPU Configuration and it is called SVM (Secure Virtual Machine), AMD-V or AMD Virtualization. Then, when your motherboard stabilizes it, you can find the IOMMU option under: Advanced -> North Bridge.

    enable the iommu option in the bios setup

    Updated February 10, 2017

    IOMMU (I / O Memory Management Unit) is any feature supported by motherboard chipsets that typically provides advanced virtual-to-physical memory mapping capabilities, including the ability to map large chunks of memory that are not contiguous. IOMMU can also be enabled in the BIOS or on the motherboard to troubleshoot device driver issues for virtual machines.

    How do I enable Intel IOMMU?

    To deploy SR-IOV to the kernel, change intel_iommu = on in the grub. For best performance, just try adding iommu = pt (pass-through) to your grub file at some point using SR-IOV. In pass-through style, the adapter should not be able to use DMA conversion to conserve memory, which improves performance.

    Generally, restart your computer and take note of the kernel specified to access the installer, or navigate to it in the boot message that appears when you boot the first computer.

    Restart your computer type and immediately press a key on your keyboard or the dots specified at the first start. Note the navigation keys specified during BIOS setup for this OSD. Typically all the up, down, left and right keys are shown to move I cursor, “page up” and “page down” to indicate the selection in the list, the most important “Tab” to move horizontally in the parameters and select the “Enter” key for the highlighted parameter.

    enable the iommu option in the bios setup

    Navigate through each BIOS screen using the arrow keys and look for “IOMMU”, “I / O Memory Management Unit” or “Intel® VT”. -d “option (usually found in the settings menu or” Advanced “” Chipset / Northbridge / Tylersburg IOH / Intel VT for directional I / O configuration “). Use the arrow keys to move this cursor over the settings selection field and click that” Page Up “or” Page Down “or a specific button to select” On “

    What is IOMMU mode in BIOS?

    An I / O memory space management unit (IOMMU) is a memory management unit (MMU) that connects the last I / O bus capable of direct memory access (DMA), usually main memory.

    Press the person’s F10 key or enter the Exit menu using the arrow prompts and move the cursor to Save and Exit. Enter and press Enter. Move the cursor to Yes when the confirmation message appears to save the settings, so press the Enter button to decrease the setting.

    If enabled, a hypervisor or driver system that supports this option, products can use AMD I functionality/ O Virtualization (IOMMU). You can install this to install thisEnabled even if you are not using a hypervisor or business process that uses this option.


    This option is available on servers with AMD processors.

    1. FromFrom the system utilities screen, selectSystem Setup> BIOS / Platform Setup (RBSU)> Virtualization Settings> AMD (R) IOMMU.
    2. Specifically, select one of the following options:
      • Enabled

      • Disabled

    3. Save the settings.


    This idea is available on both servers and AMD processors.

    • Enabled

    • Disabled

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    How do I enable IOMMU in BIOS?

    Open the BIOS menu.Go to Advanced-> IOMMU and enable / disable AMD IOMMU. B. AMD-SVM.Go to Advanced -> SVM Mode and enable / disable AMD SVM.

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    What Can I Do Sometimes To Avoid Similar Problems In The Future?

    If you are on a personal connection, such as an apartment, you can run a virus scan on your device to make sure it is not earlycaused by malware.

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • 2. Launch the program and select the device you want to scan
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    What is IOMMU?

    An I / O Memory Management Unit (IOMMU) is a component capable of memorizing a controller that translates virtual device manipulations (also called I / O work or device addresses) into a physical device. The IOMMU concept is very similar to the memory management unit (MMU) concept.

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